How to Make a Table Top Christmas tree out of Ornament Balls

How to Make a Table Top Christmas tree out of Ornament BallsThis is a lesson in how to make a table top Christmas tree out of ornament balls. You can use a variety of colors for this project. This is a craft project you and a child of at least 12 can do together or each of you can do your own tree. These trees are fund and inexpensive to make and they can make a wonderful decoration for your self or someone else. I find they make great gifts especially to those who will not be able to have a Christmas tree or who cannot gather on Christmas. It is also so small it will not take up any room. It is easily placed at the end of table, on a shelf, or mantle.

Supplies Needed

Large Shatterproof Christmas balls
Small Shatterproof Christmas Balls
20 large Ornament balls (hanger loops removed) 20 medium Ornament balls (hanger loops removed) 35 small ornament balls (hanger loops removed) 2 yards of bead garland 16 inch tall foam cone 1 hot glue gun

Step by Step Instructions

First, take one of the ornament balls without the hanger and push it into the base of the foam cone. This will act as your starting point or outline for the future balls. Remove the ball you used to start the cone and then apply hot glue to a large ornament use enough glue to cover the area where the hangers once was. Also place glue on the surface surrounding the perturbing area below where the hanger was. Attach the hot glued ball to the cone by pressing the ball into the base of the cone. Make sure the ball is fully attached to the cone. Next repeat steps 1 and 2 with a medium ball. Continue to alternate the balls using the same method. You may wannt to take a ball and test how it will look when you place it next to the ball already glued on the cone. Also as you place the balls on the cone, it can change the space to be either larger or smaller so you will have to first see what ball would best fit; then glue that ball in. After you have done one full row of the balls, go back and add hot glue in between them so it helps to stabilize the base but be careful not to over apply the hot glue. Carefully press the balls together after you glue each until you have completed the entire row. Next attach the second layer of balls directly above the first. Again test a ball or two to see how it looks before gluing it in. Try as much as possible to minimize the space between the top row of balls and the bottom row. When you glue the second layer also go back and add glue to between the ball you just placed in and the ball underneath. Be careful not to over use the glue or you will get leakage onto the bottom balls. Continue working in this manner of testing the balls gluing them in between each other and the ones on the bottom until you get halfway up the cone (three rows should equal about half). When you have completed 3 rows stop and see if there is half of the cone left. If there is switch to the medium and small balls. If you continue with the large balls, they will not hold since the top of the cone is smaller and they your tree will not look right. 3/4ths of the way up the cone stop using the medium and use only he small balls for the top Next fill in the gaps with beaded garland and hot glue. Use enough beads to cover the gaps in between the balls. Let it dry for about 30 minutes and your done. You can repeat the process and make two more trees in different colors to add to your Christmas decor.

This craft project is super easy. Only because of the hot glue, I wouldn't let any child younger than 13 do it. Its fun and it allows a person to explore their creativity. Instead of using just one set of colored balls you can use multiple balls including balls with designs. This craft can be used as a keepsake or a one of a kind gift to someone special.

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